Sweet Ginger Vintage is the out growth of my original business, the Purple Pincushion.  A brick and mortar store front, the Purple Pincushion gave me ten years of filled to the brim sewing adventure.  When I opened the doors I had no idea if a custom sewing and alterations business would make it in a small town.  I also had no idea what type of work would come through the door.  I hoped for a majority of custom sewing work.  What I ended up with was a specialty in bridal and formal wear alterations.  Speed, precision, and an ability and willingness to tackle the “impossible” quickly spread my business through word of mouth to the point that I was cranking out 30 or more dress alterations in a week with custom work on top of that.

The entire reason I ventured into the the realm of the self employed, small business owner was with the idea in mind that when the day came I would be able to customize my schedule to allow me to be a dedicated mother to my children.  I have spent the past three years trying to figure out how that works and what that looks like for my life.  This has been much more challenging than I ever anticipated because my daughter doesn’t fit into any scenario of motherhood I ever imagined for myself.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace and intensity of the Purple Pincushion, I have come to the realization that my current lifestyle needs something drastically different.  The intensity and energy I used to pour into my work is now needed and coveted for my precious daughter.  Her needs are massive and immediate.

I could simply give up my “work” altogether, but the thing is, sewing has never been work for me.  It is a creative and expressive extension of myself.  For me, creating is the same as breathing.  I can’t not do it in some form or other.  Sweet Ginger is a way for me to continue doing what I love while taking care of the ones I love.

Sweet Ginger is the crock pot version of my creative work.  My work will not be cranked out in a super efficient, assembly line manner.  Sweet Ginger is not about quantity, it is about quality.  I may work on one garment for three months, even six.  However long it takes for me to complete the work to my satisfaction is how long it will take.  This also allows me to give my daughter whatever she needs, when she needs it.

1920 through 1960 styles (predominantly dresses and gowns) are my focus.  I work from my large personal collection of vintage patterns and texts.  Other than serged finishing of raw edges, all construction processes will be time period correct to the extent that I can verify the technique.

Not sure on the exact date, but Sweet Ginger Vintage is getting set to go live!!

My website is still in development and my brick and mortar store, the Purple Pincushion, is currently open by limited appointment only.  You can keep up on what is going on generally and with the Purple Pincushion on my other blog One Stitch At A Time.

My Girl and I


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